Saturday, September 4, 2010


I never live in the past, i just move on

What happened has happened, now its gone

I don't look back, i don't share any tears

I just look ahead, turn back on my fears

I never have problems or worries

What happened before, is now just a good story

I hope your not offended

But your chapter has just ended

Am turning the page, am writing a new story
I don't feel bad, i don't say sorry
Your a memory now, that i won't forget
But a memory without feelings or regrets

I look back someday, and remember the good times
We were closer than ever, i was hot and you were a dime
We did our own thing, we had our fun
When we were watching setting or rising sun
We also had fun in between
Heard a lot, but we weren't seen
What you do, when you do it
Pop it, bring it back, or just screw it
You were amazing and you knew it
That's why i loved when you do it.
And all the things you would tell
When you talked i was under your spell
The eyes although silent, never quit talking
And those legs, dam i loved to see you walking
Chills would come over me, at every single touch
And every time, time would stall like a car with a broken clutch
And we shift our gears, put it in park
Reverse it a little and ignite the spark
Them were crazy nights
When we were blinded by love like some headlights.


Then the times have changed
Our nights got fewer and shorter
Our feeling for each other, just grew colder
And then both did things that were just over border
We could have talked bout it,
We could have stopped for a bit
But we were too busy to even sit
Times change human beings
But people change times even more
My life is just not the same as before
Ever since we left, our separate ways
I just don't feel the same about my days
Memories of us, leave me in a daze
But i know that its just a faze
It will go over and both of us will move on
Memories fade, when timer beeps and dinner is done

You got yourself a man
I got myself a lady
I am selling out shows
You volunteer at Haiti
Our lives separated, went in different directions
Now the past consists of small tiny sections
In each of our hearts
Where one memory fades, a new one starts
So steadily the memories we once created
Either become lost or just outdated
And we just delete them
Without much thought
And in place of those fun times
All we get is dot, dot, dot.
Until even that space is also filled in
And the new memory begins!