Thursday, October 28, 2010


What the fuck am i supposed to do?
I am torn between two worlds, both of them seem true
On one hand i got, my life that now is called past
I lasted there a year, got fucked up at last
Locked up, broke my entire bank
My head came down, my heart sank
Like Hannibal, when he realized he was outflanked
I had to deal with it, so i just drank
It wasn't the best idea, i ever had
But it helped me out, it wasn't bad
Except for the part, of my fam feelin sad
But i was a young, and a stupid lad
People came out, and really helped me out
Now i was back on track to becomin succesful, no doubt
But lookin back, all i wanna do is shout
I miss them all days, i miss my crowd
My throat is dry, I haven't had a drink in a while
I am loosing my grind, becomin outta style
Not havin a car, makes me feel like exile
It seems all this shit, just turnin me vile
Loosin my temper, gettin outta control
Walkin around like a pissed off troll
Bein alone is takin its toll
I keep on movin,but about to fall
Fuck everything, fuck morality
That shit aint real, it aint a reality
The rules are soundin like a technicality
But makin me stick to 'em is straight up brutality

I really appreciate, what your tryin to achieve
I am workin hard, tryin to believe
But in my head all i wanna do is leave
Or may be ask you to pull down your sleeves
I don't wanna say, that what you did is a waste
But this is not where i belong, it just aint my place
You live on planet earth, i belong in space
That year is in my passed, but not erased