Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You weren't there, you didn't help me up
Instead you acted like you didn't give a fuck
Didn't matter, one way or another
You didn't offer help, didn't even bother
All you wanted was to know
Where all of it is gonna go
"Keep us posted" was what you said
Why the fuck should I? so you can be glad?
So you can finally say "I told you so!"
So you can finally see that i can't go nowhere no more?
So i come back saying that i'm sorry?
I should of listened to you, and that whole story.
You wanted me to fail, so i come apologizing
Begging you for mercy as i was agonizing
But it isn't gonna happen, i'm not gonna do it
Imma see it through that i succeed
Cuz there are people who love me and will help me do it
No matter how often i messed up
No matter how far i fall
They were always there for me
Always there when i call
I put them through pain, and i regret it
But even then what they did for me, i will never forget it
Cuz they stood by my side, through thick and thin
They watched me cry, laugh and grin
There is no side of me that they haven't seen
So as much as you wish, for your plan to work out
I wanna tell you that it won't happen
Thanks for the try though, I'm out