Thursday, January 31, 2013


According to you i have changed
I don't appreciate you and i'm not the same
Get angry to quick, even with all the help you send my way
And with all our arguments i don't think you want me to stay
Got a boyfriend now, and y'all seem to be doing alright
And although i wanna beat his ass every time he puts his hands on you
I gotta realize that this isn't my fight
All i can do is stand on a side and just watch
But its harder than you think
To stay outside of the rink
I realize we all going through some hard times
I ain't stupid in fact i realize
That most of this shit came from myself
And i don't blame no body but self
I came to you for help, and you gladly said yes
But the struggle has put our relationship to the test
I feel weaker now than i have ever felt
I can feel a storm coming in other words i will just melt
I can't be the weakest link, and i'm on a brink
of ending this shit right here, death doesn't scare me cuz i lost all fear
i wipe my face all night long so you don't see my tears
This isn't what i wanted, this wasn't my plan
I fucked up too many times, and i know i'll do it again
I'm only a human, and i'm trying to straighten my shit out
But i just hope i get there before the last blow out


I can't live like this no more
My time here is done and now i gotta go
I'm sorry if it hurts you today
But i'm doing it so that we may live better another day

Both sides are wrong

"Guys are such douchebags, all they care about is sex"
Bitch shut the fuck up, sit down and try to relax
Lemme tell you where you're wrong, and quit blaming it on us
Bitch you were bein pleasured too, but im the one that you shouldn't trust?
You also came, right before i got to bust
So why am i the one that's being cussed?
They say pussy makes the world turn
That means you bitches, when it comes down to it are in control
No matter how much you say we don't give a fuck
We wouldn't be able to do shit if you didn't let us fuck
And yes we lie and do whatever it takes
"I love you baby" or even begging "fuck me for gods sakes"
And that's about as far as our influence goes
everything from here on is up to you hoes
whether you laugh it off, or spread your shit
whether you let us eat it or hit that clit
quit crying in self pitty that we break your hearts
you can't grow a pair of balls so try to equip yourself with some smarts
fuck you calling me an asshole for?
you fuck a dude a night, and somehow all i care about is my bitch score?
You say i think with my dick, and i admit that i do
But don't tell me that you thought our night together meant something
Cuz you say that to every dude
Unless you taking me to court, and gon accuse me of rape
Don't try to play yourself as a victim and call me fake
I didn't promise you nothing when i went in balls deep
I aint spooning next to you, i just want some sleep
Leave me alone i busted and now i get disgusted by you whore
So lemme be a gentlemen and sleep alone on the floor

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You weren't there, you didn't help me up
Instead you acted like you didn't give a fuck
Didn't matter, one way or another
You didn't offer help, didn't even bother
All you wanted was to know
Where all of it is gonna go
"Keep us posted" was what you said
Why the fuck should I? so you can be glad?
So you can finally say "I told you so!"
So you can finally see that i can't go nowhere no more?
So i come back saying that i'm sorry?
I should of listened to you, and that whole story.
You wanted me to fail, so i come apologizing
Begging you for mercy as i was agonizing
But it isn't gonna happen, i'm not gonna do it
Imma see it through that i succeed
Cuz there are people who love me and will help me do it
No matter how often i messed up
No matter how far i fall
They were always there for me
Always there when i call
I put them through pain, and i regret it
But even then what they did for me, i will never forget it
Cuz they stood by my side, through thick and thin
They watched me cry, laugh and grin
There is no side of me that they haven't seen
So as much as you wish, for your plan to work out
I wanna tell you that it won't happen
Thanks for the try though, I'm out

Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh fuck NO

What the fuck you doin writin me letters saying that your sorry?
Oh all of a sudden now you start to worry?
But i know you aint worried bout us
Your just scared for yourself cuz you bout turn to dust
Dying slowly inside and out
And sayin that you found God, fuck you talkin bout?
If God exists, he probably aint gonna answer
Why else do you think he gave you cancer?
May be its because you have left us
May be because you broke our trust
May be its cuz you burned too many bridges
And left too many hearts in bloody stitches
Remember when i was only ten?
Your drunk ass held me outta nine story window back then
Ignoring when i said put me on the ground
I hope you fucking hell bound
Screaming and asking me if i trusted that you wouldn't let me go
But i couldn't trust you, cuz you let me go long time ago
And now you tryin to make shit right
Did you think bout this shit when you decided to kite?
Yeah you gave me life, yeah you put me on the planet
But then you kitted on my ass, what the fuck? God dam it!
I just wanted to grow up, with someone for a father
And now i get a letter from his ass, and i don't even bother
You turned me to stone
And may be someday i'll forgive you, but for right now i want you to be alone

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New One

My flow is sick like diarrhea
Words are contagious like gonorrhea
Am strapped with metaphorical weapons like North Korea
Curing the world of crappy rappers decease--panacea

My rhymes are futuristic
The style i use, is quite artistic
The shit i write is just novelistic
That's why with a pen, i go ballistic

My skills stretch like elastic
I burn rappers like they plastic

Get to know me and i'll seem sarcastic
Start kickin it with me, and you'll know why am fantastic

Just got in the game
And already own fame
Everyone knows my name
And the game will never stay the same

To think, just six years ago, i changed my location
Traveled across the globe to a new destination
With hours of writing, and many hours of dedication
I am ready to take over the music industry of this nation

I ran the race, redefined success
Reached all my goals, but nonetheless
Am still advancing with a full court press
You can't keep up with my progress

I don't know what the future has in store
All i know, is i'm not done yet, and there is more
I will dominate the nation shore to shore
Strapped and ready to go, marine corps

Until then, I will keep on keeping on
Create an image of self, that'll last long after i'm gone
Make a bright future for myself and someday my son
When you see my tombstone, only then will you know that am done

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pages of Life

I don’t know what happened to me
I’m not who I used to be
I don’t see things way I used to see
I look at myself and I don’t know if its me
Its like morality gone outta the window
Or is it just me tryin to fit in bro?
I am searching, searching for myself
But loose course, when I wanna be someone else
I don’t practice what I preach
My life goals are now too far to reach
So I give advice to others, try to teach
But got nothing to show for it, my life is a bitch
I say one thing, but do another
Try getting closer, but keep getting farther
Until it’s like why the hell do I bother?
I like to think of myself as havin a good life
But I suppose the past is like a scar from a knife
You try to forget
But can’t help to regret
Wishin it was different somehow
So you go, and try to make up for it now
In turn it affects your tomorrow
And then you sit there, full of sorrow
In a crowded jail cell
Too drunk to realize, once again you fell
And this time you fell hard
Now gotta go back to the fuckin start
And every time you gotta bet back at the beginning
Its like entering the field in the next inning
Stamina and strength are not as before
So you gotta work harder, and more
No rest, until you hit a homerun
But its harder to run, when your strength is gone
Cause the previous run, got wind knocked out of you
Best is the best thing you can really do
But this best is worst than before
Because you’re not in shape anymore
Your mind is not clear, your focus is gone
Now you just want the game to be done
Now it’s not about winning
You hope you can make it to the end of the inning
I tried to construct me a future, but lost the blue print
Tried to finish a race, but can’t sprint
Tried to flip to the next page, but its glued to the one before it
So I tried to unglue it, but all that did is tore it.
Now that part will forever remain unknown
Until I finish with the book, and the plot is shown
The life I missed out on, is now sealed
Until many pages later, when the plot is revealed.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


What the fuck am i supposed to do?
I am torn between two worlds, both of them seem true
On one hand i got, my life that now is called past
I lasted there a year, got fucked up at last
Locked up, broke my entire bank
My head came down, my heart sank
Like Hannibal, when he realized he was outflanked
I had to deal with it, so i just drank
It wasn't the best idea, i ever had
But it helped me out, it wasn't bad
Except for the part, of my fam feelin sad
But i was a young, and a stupid lad
People came out, and really helped me out
Now i was back on track to becomin succesful, no doubt
But lookin back, all i wanna do is shout
I miss them all days, i miss my crowd
My throat is dry, I haven't had a drink in a while
I am loosing my grind, becomin outta style
Not havin a car, makes me feel like exile
It seems all this shit, just turnin me vile
Loosin my temper, gettin outta control
Walkin around like a pissed off troll
Bein alone is takin its toll
I keep on movin,but about to fall
Fuck everything, fuck morality
That shit aint real, it aint a reality
The rules are soundin like a technicality
But makin me stick to 'em is straight up brutality

I really appreciate, what your tryin to achieve
I am workin hard, tryin to believe
But in my head all i wanna do is leave
Or may be ask you to pull down your sleeves
I don't wanna say, that what you did is a waste
But this is not where i belong, it just aint my place
You live on planet earth, i belong in space
That year is in my passed, but not erased