Thursday, January 31, 2013

Both sides are wrong

"Guys are such douchebags, all they care about is sex"
Bitch shut the fuck up, sit down and try to relax
Lemme tell you where you're wrong, and quit blaming it on us
Bitch you were bein pleasured too, but im the one that you shouldn't trust?
You also came, right before i got to bust
So why am i the one that's being cussed?
They say pussy makes the world turn
That means you bitches, when it comes down to it are in control
No matter how much you say we don't give a fuck
We wouldn't be able to do shit if you didn't let us fuck
And yes we lie and do whatever it takes
"I love you baby" or even begging "fuck me for gods sakes"
And that's about as far as our influence goes
everything from here on is up to you hoes
whether you laugh it off, or spread your shit
whether you let us eat it or hit that clit
quit crying in self pitty that we break your hearts
you can't grow a pair of balls so try to equip yourself with some smarts
fuck you calling me an asshole for?
you fuck a dude a night, and somehow all i care about is my bitch score?
You say i think with my dick, and i admit that i do
But don't tell me that you thought our night together meant something
Cuz you say that to every dude
Unless you taking me to court, and gon accuse me of rape
Don't try to play yourself as a victim and call me fake
I didn't promise you nothing when i went in balls deep
I aint spooning next to you, i just want some sleep
Leave me alone i busted and now i get disgusted by you whore
So lemme be a gentlemen and sleep alone on the floor

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