Thursday, January 31, 2013


According to you i have changed
I don't appreciate you and i'm not the same
Get angry to quick, even with all the help you send my way
And with all our arguments i don't think you want me to stay
Got a boyfriend now, and y'all seem to be doing alright
And although i wanna beat his ass every time he puts his hands on you
I gotta realize that this isn't my fight
All i can do is stand on a side and just watch
But its harder than you think
To stay outside of the rink
I realize we all going through some hard times
I ain't stupid in fact i realize
That most of this shit came from myself
And i don't blame no body but self
I came to you for help, and you gladly said yes
But the struggle has put our relationship to the test
I feel weaker now than i have ever felt
I can feel a storm coming in other words i will just melt
I can't be the weakest link, and i'm on a brink
of ending this shit right here, death doesn't scare me cuz i lost all fear
i wipe my face all night long so you don't see my tears
This isn't what i wanted, this wasn't my plan
I fucked up too many times, and i know i'll do it again
I'm only a human, and i'm trying to straighten my shit out
But i just hope i get there before the last blow out


I can't live like this no more
My time here is done and now i gotta go
I'm sorry if it hurts you today
But i'm doing it so that we may live better another day

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