Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New One

My flow is sick like diarrhea
Words are contagious like gonorrhea
Am strapped with metaphorical weapons like North Korea
Curing the world of crappy rappers decease--panacea

My rhymes are futuristic
The style i use, is quite artistic
The shit i write is just novelistic
That's why with a pen, i go ballistic

My skills stretch like elastic
I burn rappers like they plastic

Get to know me and i'll seem sarcastic
Start kickin it with me, and you'll know why am fantastic

Just got in the game
And already own fame
Everyone knows my name
And the game will never stay the same

To think, just six years ago, i changed my location
Traveled across the globe to a new destination
With hours of writing, and many hours of dedication
I am ready to take over the music industry of this nation

I ran the race, redefined success
Reached all my goals, but nonetheless
Am still advancing with a full court press
You can't keep up with my progress

I don't know what the future has in store
All i know, is i'm not done yet, and there is more
I will dominate the nation shore to shore
Strapped and ready to go, marine corps

Until then, I will keep on keeping on
Create an image of self, that'll last long after i'm gone
Make a bright future for myself and someday my son
When you see my tombstone, only then will you know that am done