Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pages of Life

I don’t know what happened to me
I’m not who I used to be
I don’t see things way I used to see
I look at myself and I don’t know if its me
Its like morality gone outta the window
Or is it just me tryin to fit in bro?
I am searching, searching for myself
But loose course, when I wanna be someone else
I don’t practice what I preach
My life goals are now too far to reach
So I give advice to others, try to teach
But got nothing to show for it, my life is a bitch
I say one thing, but do another
Try getting closer, but keep getting farther
Until it’s like why the hell do I bother?
I like to think of myself as havin a good life
But I suppose the past is like a scar from a knife
You try to forget
But can’t help to regret
Wishin it was different somehow
So you go, and try to make up for it now
In turn it affects your tomorrow
And then you sit there, full of sorrow
In a crowded jail cell
Too drunk to realize, once again you fell
And this time you fell hard
Now gotta go back to the fuckin start
And every time you gotta bet back at the beginning
Its like entering the field in the next inning
Stamina and strength are not as before
So you gotta work harder, and more
No rest, until you hit a homerun
But its harder to run, when your strength is gone
Cause the previous run, got wind knocked out of you
Best is the best thing you can really do
But this best is worst than before
Because you’re not in shape anymore
Your mind is not clear, your focus is gone
Now you just want the game to be done
Now it’s not about winning
You hope you can make it to the end of the inning
I tried to construct me a future, but lost the blue print
Tried to finish a race, but can’t sprint
Tried to flip to the next page, but its glued to the one before it
So I tried to unglue it, but all that did is tore it.
Now that part will forever remain unknown
Until I finish with the book, and the plot is shown
The life I missed out on, is now sealed
Until many pages later, when the plot is revealed.

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