Friday, August 27, 2010


This one right here is a short one, bout my dad. I love my pops...but during the early years i was pretty pissed at him and this just reflects my memories.

I wake up and wonder if it’s a dream
Cause nothing has changed, or so it seem
I hop out ma clumpy bed
Hit the shower and get fed
I wish I didn’t live
I wish I was dead
My heart turns to anger
My eyes turn color red.
Why would this happen
What the hell have I done?
Was I unworthy
Was I a horrible son?
Why the hell did u give me life?
Just so u can take it with one stab of a knife?
What was about me, that u hated so much
That you left and left me to watch
Them throw you in an empty cell
What the fuck am I supposed to tell?
To my sister, your daughter
That she has an asshole for a father?
Do you realize the situation I am in?
I am full of anger and hurt but ur the one with the sin
This is not how its supposed to be
I am supposed to have a father, you see
I was made to be a child till I grew
I wasn’t intended to be an adult at the age of two
If you only knew,
how much I grew
since the last time ive seen u
But you don’t care
Looking at me with that cold stare
Mothafucka how dare?
You leave us alone
Your only daughter and your only son
Did you think what will happen to us?
Cause we didn’t have anyone we could love or trust
Left alone fending for ourselves
Trying to survive and caring about no one else
Our life wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great
When you chose that path, you have sealed our fate
And now its too late
Its passed the overdue date
Now I probably will never see my dad
It makes my sister sad
But bitch it makes me mad
You’re the only thing we’ve ever had
And now I don’t know if your alive or dead!

Fathers, you were given a responsibility
You have special gifts and special ability
All your children ask for is love and sincerity
Cause no child wants to be a child of charity.
We want you to help us grow
Teach us to walk and talk and throw
Baseballs around at a park
Help us find our path, give us that special spark
That turns into light, when everything else turns into dark

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